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 +====== Scratch Space ======
 +Although each user's AFS home directory is available, AFS is not optimal for
 +large volumes of file write activity. If your simulation requires / results in
 +the generation of large data / log files, please consider using the node local
 +temporary scratch space.
 +===== Node Local Scratch Space =====
 +As is typical for Unix systems, the **''/​tmp''​** area is available for node
 +local temporary files. These files are only available on the particular node.
 +Generally the cluster nodes have 40G or more of **''/​tmp''​** space available.
 +===== Usage =====
 +Any cluster user can store files in the **''/​tmp''​** area.  Please create a
 +subdirectory for your files to keep the top-level directory uncluttered.
 +===== Warning =====
 +The scratch space areas are for **//​temporary//​** file storage only. Any files
 +stored in these areas will generally not survive a system reboot. Periodic
 +cleaning will also be performed on older files. ​
 +**Once your simulation has completed, please copy any important results back to
 +your home directory (AFS).**