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2014 Finalists

The second to eighth places were taken as follows:

2nd place (46.062 seconds)3rd place (63.359 seconds)4th place (74.084 seconds)

Group 60: Griessel CL, Jordaan JP, Retief DS & Pienaar CJ

Group 2: Badenhorst SJ, Linde BJ & Bezuidenhout DS

Group 11: Scholtz WJ, Nell S, Scheepers G & Jordaan CG
5th place (83.053 seconds)6th place (90.149 seconds)7th place (107.241 seconds)

Group 42: Nel W, Krynauw JA & Van der Westhuizen J

Group 43: Steyn WW, Van der Westhuizen W, Stander A & Schoeman SJ

Group 29: Ngoma J, Craytor B, Jardine G & Joubert J
8th place(DNF)

Group 8: Mohlala DLI, Lajabu FA, Lajabu AA & Somé WAS