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2014 Race Day

2014 Challenge

The 2014 challenge required students to design and construct, from first principles, a microcontroller-based Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (ARV) which had to be able to detect a green line among white, black, red and blue surfaces on a race track. Consequently the ARV's were renamed as Green Line Racers (GLR's). Each team had to make use of optical sensing in order to detect the green track and then move the vehicle along the green line's contours in order to finish the race in the quickest possible time. One of the primary objectives of this project was the implementation of the Microchip PIC18F45K20 Microcontroller as the “brains” of the vehicle, which as a requirement had to be coded in Assembly language. Additionally, the system also had to be able to do the following:

  • Count the number of black index markers on the green track.
  • Provide a communication link to an external PC for retrieval of information stored on the GLR (this includes race time, team member details and number of index markers detected).
  • System-start via a capacitive touch switch.
  • Stop automatically at the end of the green track.

Finally, students were also instructed to use recyclable materials for their GLR's, excluding the electronic components, motors and gears. This was to ensure that all participating teams had an equal shot at the title of EMK 310 2014 Race Day Champion! Additional documentation regarding the practical challenge for 2014 as well as the rules for Race Day 2014 can be viewed below. Please note that the intellectual property rights of the associated documents reside with the University of Pretoria.

Sponsors for 2014

Race Day has enjoyed continued support and sponsorships from various companies:

Sponsor Years Support
Microchip (Tempetech) 2013 & 2014 * Financial support
* Samples for hardware of ARVs
* Prizes
ST 2013 & 2014 * Prizes
Gendac 2014 * Prizes

Video of Final Race

2014 Category Winners

Fastest Time

Congratulations to Group 3 for winning the race with a time of 17.066 seconds!!!

Group 3: Kotze GB, Green M, Roode BN & Kuhn H with their SpeedyRacer.

General Accuracy

(Decided by vote)

The recipient of the General Accuracy prize was Group 56!

Group 56: Horn C & Beneke L with the LadyBug.

Coolest Looks

(Decided by vote)

The Coolest Looking ARV prize was awarded to Group 38!

Group 38: Viviers BJ, Roebert NH & Van der Merve JJ with the BatMobile.