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Race Day

on 26 May 2017 @ 16:00


Welcome to the EECE Robot Car Race Day pages! This annual race is hosted by the University of Pretoria's Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. The race involves Microcontroller-based Autonomous Robotic Vehicles (MARVs) built by teams of students which compete against one another to complete our track in the shortest possible time.


Third year students in microcontrollers, a module presented by the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, design and construct a Microcontroller-based Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (MARV) for the practical component of the module. The MARVs then participate in a racing event to showcase and celebrate the students' hard work and accomplishments. The microcontrollers module, better known among students by its abbreviation EMK310, forms part of the curriculum of all three degree programmes presented by the Department and aims to equip engineering students with the necessary skills to survive and excel in today's embedded control driven technological society. Through this project aspiring engineers are guided through a carefully planned process to develop a fundamental set of engineering skills which include hardware and software design skills, systems integration skills, the ability to work and function in a team, time management skills, perseverance, and the good old indispensable “engineering gut feeling”, which comes only with experience in the execution of engineering projects. The third year analog electronics module ENE310 is also involved in the design of the sensor system for the MARVs.


Race Day is supported by a number of industry partners. For 2017 the following sponsors have already committed to invest in our future engineers.

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Refer to our sponsorship opportunities invitation if you or your company would like to support this initiative.


Rea, Desmond, Bernard, Duayne, Mr Willem van Jaarsveld (Chief Steward), Prof Tania Hanekom (Race Director),
Liz, Jacques, Alkmaar, Sebastian and Kyppy.


Prof Tania Hanekom
Microcontrollers lecturer and Race Day organiser

Mr Willem van Jaarsveld
Microcontrollers laboratory instructor and Race Day co-organiser

Ms Estie Powell
CHIEF: Marketing and Communications (EBIT)
Tel: 012 420 4937