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What is Race Day?

Third year students in Microcontrollers, presented by the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, design and construct an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle (ARV) for the practical component of the module. The ARVs then participate in a racing event to showcase and celebrate the students' hard work and accomplishments. The microcontrollers module, better known among students by its abbreviation EMK310, forms part of the curriculum of all three degree programmes presented by the department and aims to equip engineering students with the necessary skills to survive and excell in today's embedded control driven tecnological society. Through this project aspiring engineers are guided through a carefully planned process to develop a fundamental set of engineering skills which include hardware and software design skills, systems integration skills, the ability to work and function in a team, time management skills, perserverance, and the good old indispensable “engineering gut feeling”, which comes only with experience in the execution of engineering projects.

2015 Race Day


2014 Race Day

  • Third year teams:
    • Consist of third year students enrolled for EMK 310
    • Follow guideline for EMK 310 Practicals as provided.
  • Veterans teams:
    • Maximum 3 members per group.
    • Consist of students from their fourth year up to PhD. Lecturer teams are welcome.
    • Follow guidelines for EMK310 practicals 1 and 3 as well as the touch start section of Practical 2 (refer to Practical page below). Veterans do not need to implement the communication, data transfer and storage section of Practical 2.
    • One heat (8 lanes) of veterans will be allowed to compete. Entries close on 19 May 2014 as do withdrawels. Kindly enter by email to Prof Hanekom.
    • The fastest veteran team will be allowed to compete in the final race if the team's GLR finish the track in a qualifying time, i.e. their GLRs time is one of the eight fastest times from all the heats.
    • Veteran teams do not qualify for the EMK 310 hall of fame, or for the final places in the competition. However, should a veteran team reach the final race, they will be awarded a special prize.
    • Modified entries from previous years' entries are allowed in the veterans' race.

Top Five-plus-Five high school learner invitation
Parent invitation

2013 Race Day

2013 Race Day winners with the Dean, Prof Roelf Sandenbergh and the HoD, Prof Sunil Maharaj.

2013 Final race


Prof T Hanekom - EMK310 lecturer