University of Pretoria
Operational / Internal Site

External / Off-campus Access

Due to the presence of the University network firewall, general access to machines on the University LAN from off-campus is not possible. Only a few selected servers are accessible from outside the University LAN. Amongst other, these are the main web-server, various departmental web-servers, mail servers, ftp server, etc.

To access the internal network from off-campus, the primary mechanism is VPN (Virtual Private Network). The University firewall is running the VPN-1 implementation and in order to connect an appropriate client is required. As an alternative, SSH pass-through servers are available to all who have an EECE Kerberos/AFS account. If you need a SSH client (Windows users only), see Putty (Windows SSH client) and WinSCP (secure FTP). The two pass-through servers are and As expected, you can use scp or sftp to copy files to and from the server.

<note warning> The pass-through servers are only to be used by University staff and students, and only for valid academic work (i.e. access to the EECE clusters). An automated monitoring system has been installed on the server which will automatically block any access to the server that appears suspicious. Be very careful to type your username / password correctly. If you make a mistake, chances are that you will not be able to try again! Misuse of this service will result in loss of your EECE account. </note>

Note that the pass-through servers do not have applications such as matlab, maple or octave installed. Use the clusters for simulations.

Although the primary and recommend method to connect to the pass-through servers is SSH (encrypted text based console), it is possible to obtain a graphical login. The standard X11 forwarding approach (tunneled via SSH) does not work well due the bandwidth requirements of X11. The method that works reasonably well and is supported by the pass-through servers is based on NX_technology. Please see the Pass-though X2GO Configuration page for more information.