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The following information is only relevant to staff and selected postgraduate students as these will be the only ones that will have the necessary access.


There are 2 general network printers in the EECE copier / printing room (Eng 1, room 14-24).

  1. EERC2: network name, Ricoh (Nashua) Aficio MP 7503 b/w copier.
  2. EERC6: network name, Ricoh (Nashua) Aficio MP C2500 colour copier.

Note: colour printing is expensive, use sparingly to avoid your access being revoked.

In Engineering 3, there is also a copier:

  • EERC5: network name eece-copier2, Ricoh (Nashua) Aficio MP 2553 b/w copier.

The official policy is that only EECE staff members (including AL's, but excluding all undergrad and postgraduate students) may use the network printers. With special permission (and sponsorship by a staff member or research group), certain postgraduate students may use the network printers. The necessary access to the printers can be arranged with Mr PC Poley (Admin manager) via the research group administrator.


Access to the Engineering 1 and 3 copiers is controlled by user code authentication. In other words, the code used for making photocopies is also used to control printing.


If necessary, the drivers for the printers are downloadable from the department FTP server:

Once downloaded, run the driver installation to install the driver.

Note: Remember the installation directory selected to ensure that the driver can be selected when the printer device is added to Windows.

Printer device installation: Engineering 1 and 3 copiers

The following instructions assume a Windows 7 system. The window snapshots shown below are for the installation of the Engineering 3 copier, the windows will be similar for the Engineering 1 copier apart from the different copier model and address.

  • Ensure that you are registered to use the copier and have a user ID and code.
  • Begin adding a printer by clicking Start. Select the Devices and Printers link. Right-click in the “Printers and Faxes area” and select Add Printer. The following “Add Printer” wizard should appear:


  • Select Add a network, wireless or BlueTooth Printer:



  • In the next window the type of printer must be selected. Click on the Have Disk button to choose the driver previously installed:


  • Browse to the directory in which the driver was installed:


  • Descend into the driver directory until the OEMSETUP.INF file is located. Confirm the selection by clicking on Open:


  • Continue by clicking on OK:


  • Choose the 7502 (Eng 1) or 2553 (Eng 3) and click OK:


  • The link to the printer will now be connected, and after a short delay, a confirmation windows should appear indicating that the printer was successfully connected:


  • If desired, in the next window you can choose to make the new printer the system default printer. Complete the installation by clicking on Finish:


  • At this stage the printer has been added to your printer list. However, all print jobs will be rejected as your user code has not been configured into the driver. To configure the user code, right-click on the printer in your printer list. Select Printing Preferences:


  • Select the Detailed Settings tab:


  • Select the Job Setup option under the “Menu” side-scroller. Fill in your user code in the “User Code” field. This is the same code you use to make photocopies.


  • Click the Details button and enter your user ID (as displayed on the address book in the “scan” destination menu on the scan option). This would normally be similar to your Kerberos username:


  • Click on OK to save the user ID, and again OK to save the user code. You should now be able to print to the copier.
  • In order to use additional features, such as stapling, the accessories of the copier need to be updated. Right-click on the printer object and choose Printer Properties options.


  • For the Eng 1 copier, select the Accessories tab and select the Large Capacity Tray as well as the SR4060 finisher. Complete the update by clicking on OK.