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WinSCP (secure FTP)

WinSCP is a freeware secure FTP (SFTP and SCP) client for Windows. It allows you to transfer files between computers easily and securely.

Downloading WinSCP

Click here to download the latest version of WinSCP from the EECE FTP site. Press the Save button to save the file called winscp.exe to your computer. Take note of where you save it, as you will need to access the file to install WinSCP.

Installing & Configuring WinSCP

  • To install WinSCP, press the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of your Windows desktop and select “Run…”. In the window that opens, press the “Browse” button and locate the file called winscp.exe that you downloaded in the step above, then press OK. The following window will appear:

WinSCP Setup Wizard Welcome Screen

  • Press Next to continue. You will be asked to agree to the GNU General Public License. Press Next to continue:

Accepting the GNU General Public License

  • You will now be asked to choose an installation type. Accept the typical installation by pressing Next.

Choosing the Installation Type

  • The next window gives the option to install a PDF reader. Select the “I do not want to install…” option and click on Next to continue.

PDF reader installation option window

  • Next you will be asked to choose a user interface style, or how the program should look. For those of you who have used programs such as WS FTP or other FTP programs, you would most likely be more familiar with the first option, the Commander interface. Continue by pressing Next:

User Interface Style

  • The next screen is a summary of everything so far. Simply press Install to begin the installation process:

Installation Summary

  • Now you will see the installation screen. This goes fairly quickly, and there is nothing you need to do here.
  • The last screen will inform you that setup has completed successfully and will ask you if you want to launch WinSCP right away. If so, leave the box checked. If not, uncheck the box beside “Launch WinSCP” and press the Finish button.

Installation Completed